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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Nuclear Power Plants

The Swedish parties in majority newly agreed upon that new nuclear power plants could be possible to build in Sweden. The opposition is against and all of a sudden energy issues has become block politics. The moratorium was abandoned and exciting power plants will not necessary be taken out of production in advance as earlier decided. The question about nuclear power was intensively discussed before the vote in 1980. In the mirror of climate changes and oil peak it is convenient for the pronuclear power forces to suggest it to be possible with new power plants and longer use of exciting power plants. According to the Swedish professor in physics, Kjell Aleklett peak oil was in July 2007. He has been active politician for the liberals (yes, one of the pronuclear parties already in 1980) and according to his blog he is almost the architect behind the new political decision. In a way, his “hidden agenda” about nuclear power diminish his peak oil achievement? Or what do you think?

By the way, did you read about the two atomic submarines that had an improbable collision in the Atlantic in the beginning of February? It should not be possible to happen according the experts. No worry, says the French and British governments which owns the submarines. It reminds me of Harrisburg and Chernobyl.


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