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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Let the cities sweat….
It is usual to hear the city planners make their tributes to the condensation of the city. They find several positive environmental effects from concentration of houses and people. Less transports and easier to arrange water and sanitation etc compared with urban sprawl. By these environmental facts it is possible to go on with the rapid growth of the city. Many green areas and parks have been built on the last decade in many cities.
In this climate change time, a research team in Manchester has estimated that an increase of the green areas of the city by only ten percent would neutralize the rise of temperature from the climate change. An enlargement of the green areas would decrease the temperature by four degrees Celsius. The decrease is due to the fact of cooling from when the water evaporates from leafs and vegetation. More green areas is also needed in the cities to store water when the cooling effect is most needed.
Well, says the city planner, we must build high-rise blocks…..!!


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