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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Study visit from South Africa
A delegation with representatives from Eastern Cape, Limpopo North West and KwaZuluNatal provinces visited Karlstad together with Anna Backman from Sala Ida AB. They participate in a course for politicians and officers in Local Democracy and Local Governance (LODLOG). In the course there is a study visit to four different cities in Sweden with different focus for the course members. The group visiting Karlstad got the opportunity to some deeper studies in environment issues for two days. They got broad information about the environmental work in Karlstad, the environment issues in school and learned more about waste handling, waste incineration and landfill use. The picture is from the wrap up meeting earlier today.

By the way, have a look at the wall behind the group. The material is red cedar tree. That material is nothing to play around with. It’s very nice looking but not that easy to work with. The western red cedar (Thuja plicata) has been reported as dangerous in Japan as early as in the 1920: s, in California as well and this year even in Sweden. Both carpenters and sawmill workers which have been exposed to dust from fresh cedar tree has fallen ill. The mechanism behind is probably the sensitiveness to plicatineacid? Red cedar tree is resistant to micro organisms. When prepared like the wall behind the group there is no risk.


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