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Sunday, December 03, 2006

More like autumn than winter
Still raining and warm outside. Yesterday there were reports about a big catastrophe in the Philippines, due to cyclone and landslide. Around 500 have been found dead so far. A professor, Sten Bergstrand, spoke in TV about the future energy situation in Sweden. He thought that the energy will be cheaper and that we don’t need more nuclear power because the waterpower will increase and also that the needs of energy won’t be that huge as the temperature will rise. So, in an economic view the climate changes can also be good in some way for Sweden according to him. On the other hand, I heard the technical chief in Arvika, a town northwest of Karlstad, speak about their preparation for flooding of the nearby sea. They have started to build embankments to protect the city.

The winter temperature has until today been more like early autumn than cold Nordic winter. I wonder if we will see some snow this year. Cross-country skiing is something I long for…


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