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Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Prime minister and his view on ethanol as fuel
Yesterday I wrote about environmental friendly cars and their explosion as new registered cars and the difficult with that people fill gasoline instead of ethanol. This evening I saw reportage about the same issue on TV with questions to our new prime minister about his view on the ethanol price. He said that he didn’t think that the government should interfere in the price setting in the fuel market. His view is that the government’s task is to set up long-termed conditions for the market and not adjust the prices.

Now, I read in several newspapers that Volvo will stop production of the Volvo Bifuel V70 and S60. That’s a pity I think. It’s almost worse than that people fill gasoline instead of ethanol. The reason is said to be because it is not economical to go on producing it because the biogas vehicles are not bought in the same rate as ethanol fuelled cars. With a better infrastructure and better conditions for production the biogas vehicles they ought to gain market from the ethanol vehicles. Volvo now has plans to produce ethanol vehicles instead, perhaps. The government should draw up sustainable politics for taxation on fuels and vehicles so the market can adjust to that. In that politics there should be nice if biogas could be favoured in more ways, because it’s the best fuel from an environmental view today.


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