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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Licensed hunt of 20 wolves for 2011

A total of 20 wolves may be culled in six counties in the 2011 licensed hunt. The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has authorised licensed hunting to comply with the parliamentary decision that the wolf population should be no more than 210 animals and 20 litters, by 2012.

This is the second year that the EPA has decided to authorise the licensed hunting of wolves in accordance with the 2009 parliamentary decision that introduced a new predator management. That decision also included regionalised predator management and genetic strengthening of the wolf population. Licensed hunting is a compensation for having new wolves moved into Sweden in order to alleviate inbreeding.

Licensed hunting is allowed in the six counties where the wolf population has reproduced during the past three years. The allocation has been made on the basis of how large the population is in the various counties. Approximately one-third has gone to Dalarna and Värmland Counties 6 wolves each, 3 to Gävleborg, 2 to Örebro and 2 to Västra Götaland Counties. In Västmanland County, which was not represented in 2010, one wolf will be allowed to be culled. Last year, 27 wolves were allowed to be culled, and 28 actually were.

The above text is from the website of the Swedish EPA.

Yesterday, the fifth wolf in the county of Värmland was shot. It was an alpha male.

The EU commissioner Janez Potocnik regrets that Sweden has started the licensed hunt although the view of the Commission on the legality of the hunt was know by the Swedish government. He says that the Swedish authorities forces him to start a court procedure about crime against EU:s Environmental laws according to the Swedish radio news.


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