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Monday, July 05, 2010

Do we need an Icebar everywhere?

I read about the new Icebar by Icehotel in Copenhagen somewhere. I happen to know some history about the Icehotel: Yngve Bergqvist from Jukkasjärvi far north up in Sweden got the idea of an Icehotel in the 1980:s and the first hotel was inaugurated in 1990 in Jukkasjärvi. He is a true entrepreneur and developed his idea further, so in 1993 the first Absolut Icebar was inaugurated in 1994 up in Jukkasjärvi. So far, I’m a great admirer of the project. The Icehotel and the Icebar drew lots of tourists to Jukkasjärvi, not least from Japan actually. I think that was the basic idea from the beginning, to attract people to Jukkasjärvi by exploiting the natural requirements, but then of course the allurement to earn more money took place.

The export of the idea and ice from the river Torne träsk began. Now there are an Absolut Icebar in Stockholm and one in London, with ice from Torne träsk. Another brand is Icebar by Icehotel and there are such bars in Tokyo, Oslo and now also in Copenhagen, with ice from the river Torne träsk. It’s not the export of ice I’m against, even if it takes some energy to move the ice chilled to a new place. Think also on the energy cost to run these bars in warmer climate. It is also against the base idea; to do something of the resources at the place of Jukkasjärvi and the natural requirements, namely ice and coldness. It’s as stupid as starting a Poolbar with palmtrees etc in Jukkasjärvi. But of course it could be a good idea for the environment to take the Icehotels and the Icebars to places where there are lots of people like Tokyo and London instead of having that entire people to take the plane to Jukkasjärvi in far North of Sweden? Perhaps it was the thought of this, save the climate by having less people going by airplane to Sweden? Or, are the Icehotels and Icebars in the big cities just an appetizer to get them to go to Jukkasjärvi and visit the original Icehotel and Icebar? What do you think? The icebar in Copenhagen needed 40 tons of ice for all from the furnishing to the glasses. There has also been around 50 temporary Icebars all over the world, with ice from Torne träsk, even in the desert of Niger! But of course, having an Icebar here and there is simply cool, or? Obviously, we can afford this whatever the natural prerequisites are!


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