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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Nice place to take a break

Some week ago I was at the Swedish west coast for fishing trout. Oh, yes I did catch a few. Together with some friends I headed back to Karlstad from Gothenburg by car. We thirsted for coffee and stopped at a place I have stopped at before, the Lödöse Museum, North of Gothenburg along the road E45. Have a look at the link;

It is a really good place to stop at, they have good and cheep coffee, sandwiches etc, it is Fairtrade and the personnel are very helpful and you also have the possibility to look at some history of the place. There are very few people stopping there, they go to Rasta, you know the big places along the way with a petrol station, higher prices and lots of people. Do yourself a favour and stop at Lödöse next time - because it worth it.


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