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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Been a busy month
Since last time I wrote it has been a lot of things to follow in the environmental issues. Last week I listened to three different views regarding the results from COP 15 in Copenhagen. All three were quite pessimistic about how to reach consensus among the worlds leaders. We’ll see what will happen in Mexico. Perhaps the host of that meeting can gather the countries in South America to have a more cooperative role than in Copenhagen? But how will US and China take their position in that meeting, and India. It all goes back to how we allocate resources in the world and how it has been so far. For the poor countries it is all about poverty control before making efforts for the environment. Of course the developing countries must be stopped from making the same mistakes in how the society is built as the developed part of the world has done.
I have also listened to a discussion about how to get a sustainable agriculture on a global level and I must say that subject also sees quite pessimistic. It is, as in the climate issue, hard to get the politics, the experts and the public opinion to become united in how this is done. And of course agriculture as such has a large impact in the combat of climate changes. We must changes the down-going spiral to a more positive upward-going spiral. How is this done? I don’t know – do you?
Last Saturday I was waken up by the phone at 06.00 a.m. We have a major leakage in our water system was the message. What should have been a lazy weekend became a more work intensive weekend. Around 50 000 people was out of water before the leakage was found. It was one of two feeder tubes so it could be shut of and the other one is now used until the other one is repaired. Our society is quite vulnerable and this is demonstrated at times like this.


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