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Monday, October 02, 2006

“The Planet”, coming up on Swedish TV
“The Planet” starts at the 9: Th of November this year and it’s the first of four programmes in the series about the Earth. During two years of time the film team has visited 25 countries and made interviews with researchers, such as Herman Daly, Will Steffen, Lester Brown, Gretchen Daly, Norman Myers and Jared Diamond. The documentary shows that humankind now is in a critical phase and the future depends on what decisions now is made. The issue must involve several more disciplines than environment if the problems shall stand a chance to be solved. The programmes try to answer questions as; who is to trust, will the catastrophe come, is the humankind to blame for that the Earth is out of order etc.
About ten other European countries have bought the documentary and the Swedish Charon Film AB says they will give away the television rights to the countries that can’t afford the series.

I’m curios about the programmes. I hope they will be able to explain this difficult issue in a way easy to understand. The Heads of Environmental Agencies in Sweden have got a bunch of questions in a questionnaire from the Swedish Televison, concerning the measures taken in the environmental field. I hope all others answer the questions; I have.


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