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Thursday, September 28, 2006

The name is Amanda!
Biogas has now advanced from being an environment friendly alternative to becoming the foremost fuel in which the environment, supply assurance and economy coexist in harmony. In Linköping, Sweden they have introduced the first train in the world that use biogas as fuel. It is a not too expensive project, 7 million SEK, which has drawn the interest from BBC, Yomiuri Shimbun etc to Linköping. The train operates the route Linköping – Västervik that is a distance of 116 km. The 12-biogas tank contains fuel for 600 km travel distance.

Biogas could be an interesting alternative when all the old railcars will be discarded. In the biogas train, Amanda, the diesel engines have been changed to biogas engines of the same type that works in the city buses in Linköping. The outlets of carbon dioxide have been decreased by 60 times and particles by 15 and hydrocarbons and nitrogen dioxide has decreased to a third of the value earlier. Good luck Amanda and hope you will get many successors.


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