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Friday, September 29, 2006

Night wanderer
In Sweden many cities engage parents to be night wanderer. The aim is to calm down young people and have them to avoid drugs and alcohol and stop fighting etc. There are other arenas for night wanderer. One arena could be the offices and work places. It can pay off both economically and for the environment to investigate what’s on at the office when nobody works. Is the photocopier, the coffee machine, the pc, the light, the ventilation etc switched off? Making this a staff activity makes everybody involved in the energy saving.
Last winter our energy advisors made a night walk in our office and looked at the situation. They presented the result in a power point presentation at a staff meeting. One could see in whose office the light was on or the pc, etc. This created more awareness among the staff about energy saving and we had a fruitful discussion about the issue. So, why not take an initiative and start a night walk at your office?


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