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Saturday, December 12, 2009

POLIS network and Top leaders in Brussels

I visited the POLIS network Thursday the 10:th in Brussels. There was a Conference on “Unlocking the economic and environmental potential of innovation in urban and regional mobility”.

Polis is a network of European cities and regions from across Europe, which promotes supports and advocates innovation in local transport. The network strive to improve transport at local level, especially in relation to the environment & health, mobility & traffic efficiency, the economic & social aspects of transport and safety & security.

The conference had some really interesting issues to deal with and here were several interesting speeches both on city planning in the form of sustainable urban transport plans and different projects on public transports as well in cycling.

This was on the same day as the EU top leaders gathered in Brussels to agree on how much money the EU will support the developing countries with to get an ease on the negotiations in COP 15. It’s a long way to go between the agreements on world level to the practical solutions to reach the goals, although the meetings was hold not so far from each other. The challenge is to get the different levels in the society to work together from global to local without sub optimizing.


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