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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Green Banks ??
On Monday several Swedish newspapers quoted a report from the consultancy AT Kearney about the lack of environmental devotion in Swedish banks. “Best in show” according to the newspapers is the Swedbank. Many people don’t connect their bank issues with environment, but actually a bank can mean a lot for the environment by the way they do business. Do you ever confront your bank with questions about how they care for the environment? Then I don’t mean how they manage their waste etc. I mean how they care for the environment through their banking terms.
Today I had a meeting with representatives for the JAK member’s bank. We have cooperation in an EU project that I have described earlier in this blog. The thing about JAK is that they have interest-free savings and loans. The aim is to get a more fair society and to get less environment distress through less economic growth as a consequence of non-excitant interest-rates. You can read more about the JAK member’s bank on their website. The television from Italy has done reportage about the JAK member’s bank and the banks in Italy and the Netherlands are seen to be more environmentally devoted in general than the Swedish bank system. The membership in Sweden grows more every time interest-rates rise, today there are 35 000 members.


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