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Friday, May 16, 2008

To be listened to
Often you find yourself not to be listened to. Then, sometimes someone with some power really comes and listens to you. I experienced this twice the last 24 hours.
On Thursday afternoon the Swedish minister for Minister for Integration and Gender Equality were in Karlstad and spoke on a conference. She stopped at our Advice Bureau “Radrummet” and for one hour she wanted us to describe our work with consumer guidance and environment projects. Her ministry also holds the questions about consumption. It is quite nice to have the opportunity to speak about your work for an interested minister.
The next occasion was today, in the morning when the Ambassador for the US in Sweden, Mr Michael Wood, came for 1,5 hour to have a conversation about energy issues and what we as a municipality in Karlstad worked with in this field of issue. Its great to get the chance to say what you think is right or wrong way of thinking. Of course, sometimes you come to think of what to say to late, when the meeting is over, but that’s life. You’ve had your chance at least.


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