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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Grey, rainy Christmas.

The Christmas holidays in most of Sweden have been grey, rainy and quite warm but also very relaxing and nice. This afternoon it has become a little chilly outside, but it’s not winter temperatures yet. This year has been the year when the Swedish media has explored the climate changes more seriously than ever.
Well, a New Year is soon to begin and in many homes in Sweden one gives oneself a New Year promise, you know like stop smoking or start jogging. Even that can be hard to figure out and how about the global New Year promise dealing with the climate changes? Will it differ if I do something? Of course it will, but it will differ more if the nations give the right prerequisites and give economical and social advantages if one does something good for the environment.
I can imagine how hard the Bali negotiations must have been, however finally they reach a compromise and what do we know, in a few years that ought to be sharpened, it seems as the action has begun, or??


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