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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Looking forward to tomorrow……
Today the Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, expressed his hope that tomorrow, the world will witness the most powerful decision against growing emissions of greenhouse gases. It’s the European Union top meeting in Brussels he’s referring to. Today, he made a speech on a climate conference in Stockholm when a commission on Sustainable development was launched. I’m not that surprised by the composition of the commission, three ministers, the Prime minister is the chairman, some professors, some CEO:s (Volvo and Vattenfall), one General secretary from WWF and some more people. Don’t misunderstand me, they are quite qualified individuals, but isn’t it a very traditional way to compose such a commission. Although it’s good that, the minister of finance , Anders Borg will be a member in the commission. It is said that the commission shall interconnect with the work for sustainable development on local and regional level. It sounds good but I wonder how this is planned to happen? How shall the strategies be transformed to real activities in the local society.The Prime Minister talked at the seminar about the decisions he hopes will be taken at the top meeting tomorrow; decrease of the emissions of greenhouse gases by 30% (at least 20% and voluntary additional 10%), 20% of renewable fuels in the energy supply, and finally energy efficient measures decreasing the use by 20 %. He predicts that Angela Merkel and Tony Blair will be in favor of the decisions as himself. Good luck with the work.


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