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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

What difference will it make?
Yesterday the ministers of environment met to decide upon the proposal from the commission about the goals for reduction of emissions of greenhouse gases. The result was that the European Union set the goal 20 % reduction by 2020 and 30 % by the same year if the rest of the world society joins that figure. And then, what will it mean to the ordinary people like you and me. How shall these very abstract, all-embracing goals become concrete and relevant in all the different levels of society– the world society, the European Union, the country, the region, the city? I think there is a lot of work to be done to smooth up the relations between the different levels.

I saw that the Swedish minister was a bit disappointed about the compromise. What about the county governor or the mayor (chair of the executive committee in the city) how do they feel about it; are they disappointed as well? Are they on the same ground, do they have the same agenda? Unfortunately I don’t think so. They probably have other issues high on the agenda. How to grow and develop the economy for a better welfare…..


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