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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Climate and politics
I read an interesting article some days ago. It was written by Victor Galaz, a political scientist. He describes amongst other things the problem with solving the climate changes by political decisions. He finds that epidemiologists have solved the problem with the chaos having actors from the state, private and local authorities better than the climatologists. WHO seems to be better equipped than UNEP to handle the crises. Political will, can make difference if one dares to discuss the hard question.
Victor Galaz really puts the finger on a problem in the modern society; we have a tendency to handle problems with more complex administrative and political systems. That strategy is very successful in the short view but after a while the societies becomes trapped in decreased marginal profit. New challenges demand more and more extensive investments with lesser and lesser effect. The complexity in the society increases with less dirigibility. The public becomes more dissatisfied as the political system doesn’t deliver solutions on the problems. I think Victor Galaz at the Stockholm Resilience Centre points out something important in his article.


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