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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Different views on measures against climate changes?
I have seen that economists comment on the IPPC report in somewhat the same way. They often speak in the term that if we undertake actions against the climate changes we will stop the development of the poor countries. They are forming another big threat as an opposite to the threat of climate changes. It’s like the laws of economics were threatened by the climate changes?

Perhaps they see the actions against the climate change as a threat to the economic growth in it self? And growth is of course the engine of the economy. I’ve heard that Muslims have trouble getting loans in Swedish banks because their religion gives forbids them to accept the interest-rate. The interest-rate is one of the big motive forces in the economy making it possible to earn money on money. Hmm, I wonder if the Muslim world will deal better with the problems caused by climate change, than other religions. What do you think?


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