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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Lifestyles and Christmas
Over the century’s the lifestyles on Earth has changed slowly and been influenced by different currents among different kind of people. Today I read in the Swedish newspaper, DN, that Chinese student was protesting against the more and more common way of celebrating Christmas in a western way of lifestyle without knowing the background for this. Media and communications make different currents move very fast over the Globe these days. In Sweden the Christmas trade this year is forecasted to have a turnover on about 52 billion SEK. That’s about the same as Ghana’s GDP. But most people say, well it’s not because of me, I only by some little things for my family. It’s a saying that “many little streams make a big river”. It’s the same like the emissions and if you and I do something little to stop our emission it make difference. But it’s a bit naive to think that all people on Earth shall behave like environmental saints out of oneself, we have to have the rights economic and social systems in a large scale to make things happen. But do not have bad conscious for some gifts for your near and dear. Normally, Christmas is also the time when we give away money etc to relief organisations.

This year we don't have any snow here in Karlstad. The sun is warming up the temerature and there is no ice on the river. This has happened before but one can't avoid thinking-climate change. Have a nice and cosy Christmas, whereever you are on the Globe and which Christmas tradition you may have.


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